You have seen pictures of properties and put it in your buy list…what next…? VIEWING.

At one time, buying a property was time consuming. Buyer need to arrange an appointment with seller and after viewing and more viewing, they knew a property wasn’t the right one. Not every buyer will live in the city or the vicinity of a property offered example like property listed in Penang and buyer in Kuala Lumpur. It just time consuming, troublesome and buyers often find that when they view the property the advert photos and descriptions don’t do it justice.

A walk-through online virtual tour can save the time spent travelling and viewing properties by looking at properties in depth and in the comfort from their home from the smartphone.


A buyer can hover from rooms to rooms that pique their interest. For example, if they are keen on a large kitchen and dining area, they can easily move around that room, and look at it from different angles and perspectives.

With virtual tour buyers go at their own pace. They can spend time examining, ‘walking’ through the property as many times as they like. And they can look where they want to look, linger on aspects they want to linger on.

COST :RM1000 for small property to RM5000 for property with larger spaces