Do you want to advert your property such as bungalow, condominium, apartment, shop lot, office space, building or land  for sale or rent ? Before prospective tenants schedule a tour, they are likely to search for the property online. How do you want your prospects to react to your listing? Think about the last time you landed on an outdated web site or a listing with blurry poor quality photos (or worse, no photos at all !). What was your immediate impression?

Quality photography makes for a crucial first impression.


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is especially true for visual marketing.

A picture truly are worth a thousand word’s… no… a million word’s and first impressions are everything.

Photography has never been more important to selling or renting real estate than it is today and for your property to be taken seriously and make a positive impression on potential buyers, up-to-date, high-quality photographs are crucial. Striking photography will impress and excite potential tenants.

If potential tenants/buyers are captivated by visually pleasing photos, they are much more likely to click on the listing due to visual interest.


Photography is not just an important element of real estate marketing; it’s fast becoming the most essential one. More than 80% of today’s property hunters use the internet to research properties, and these prospective tenant rank photography as the most important tool in searching online. Many agents are content to take a few pictures with a smartphone camera.


Unfortunately, due to their limitations, these photos are often incapable of capturing the true nature of a property. Spacious rooms become small, dark and uninviting; windows with jaw-dropping views become walls of white light; stunning architecture warps into strange and unappealing angles.

Great photography can draw a buyer in. Bad photography can turn them away. A professional photographer has the skill to show a property at its very best. Professional photography is a crucial component of an effective online property marketing strategy.

Every property is carefully photographed to look interesting and accurate to entice qualified buyers into viewing it.

COST : Real estate photography shoot generally costs anywhere between RM500 to RM1500.