It’s common to read an advert property for sale or land for sale with a description

100m from MRT station

Facing open space

Good surrounding

Flat land

20 durian trees, 5 mango tress , coconut trees

Acres of land

Near main road


With all the description above will you perhaps able to imagine the property with the written description or photos taken from the ground? IT’S IMPOSIBLE!

A drone photography in a listing allows the potential buyer to see the entire property from the air. This can give an amazing perspective on the property they are interested in. A drone video or photos can show a wider view proximity of the neighbor’s homes, as well as the surrounding features. Something that was previously done by looking at grainy blurry satellite photos, which were normally out of date. It can now show you detailed images of an entire neighborhood !

There is nothing better than a view from above a property to promote, placing it in its context and emphasizing its advantages within its surroundings, location, proportions, orientation and the elements that are close to it (buildings, houses, roads, train station, parks, markets, etc) as buying a property is not only about purchasing the building or land itself but also taking benefit of the extras in reach.

COST :  RM1000 up to RM5000